My name is Katrina. I often go by that name, of course, although quite a few people also call me Kat. (Usually, they knew me in college or early days of the internet, but there are others who have the same habit.)

Early days of the internet is a bit of a misnomer. I mean, I was around in what some people would call the “early days” of the internet, but I wasn’t a huge presence, and some other folks would point out that the internet (and intranets) existed before 1990 and 1991 which is when I really first started poking around on irc, LPMuds, MUCKs, MUSHes, MUSEs, MUREs and various other multi-user shared interfaces. There were even a few other chat like critters that existed that mostly college kids (and folks that were branching out from bbs-es) were tinkering on. Way back then, I was Kitty (as were many of us) or Shai_Lian or Kanirra or Rina or any number of other names. For a while, on a few specific MU*s, I was Muse. So, that’s part of where the name of this blog comes from.

I’ve had many blogs over the years. I have a mild habit of creating places to write and then discarding them (or having them discarded for me, in the case of ficlets which became ficly but was never the same). Technically, I still have a Live Journal. It’s just fairly dead. I have a DreamWidth. I have a tumblr. I participate now and again on Twitter (and kinda miss twitfics, which were shared fictions). I like to write, but I’m not good at follow through.

Tumblr, although I love it, has become such a mass-media sort of thing that, honestly, it isn’t helping my writing in quite the way I was hoping. I’ve had a couple friends poking at WordPress now, and I’m hoping that maybe it encourages me to focus on writing. Just doing it. There are half-formed characters in my head that occasionally tap at the edge of my conscious, wondering if I’ve forgotten they exist. It would be nice to know their stories finally, as much as they let me. Maybe this will help with that.

On the other hand, I’m not sure I want to set my expectations that high.

So in the event that this also becomes a place where I post essays of frustration at a world thing, or life thing, some other things you should know:

I married fairly young (age 20) to my high school sweetheart. We grew apart over time and after 11 years of marriage, we divorced. I love his mom and sister and brother-in-law and nephew dearly, so we keep touch in part, although I try to give them space. Thus, I have Views on marriage and divorce and extended family relationships.

I am technically an orphan, but it happened after I was an adult. I lost both of my parents to forms of cancer. They were both too young when they died. I hate cancer a lot. Which brings up another point: I curse. Fuck Cancer.

I met someone when I didn’t expect it. He was awesome and gave me space to find myself again. Unexpectedly, we decided that maybe, even though we’d both been married and divorced and really weren’t in the mood to deal with that institution again, we actually kinda wanted to. With each other anyway. So we’re engaged. We’ll be married in July 2014.

I am not a mother of humans (although he’s a dad of humans, so maybe someday I’ll have grandkids to look forward to), but I am a mother of cats. I have had to say goodbye to 2 fur-babies. Both due to extreme health situations. One of them I raised from a kitten. It was very hard, and even though it’s been more than a year and a half, there are still days I get choked up and miss him badly. Still, we adopted 2 more, as a couple, and they are our sweet babies (and our headaches, as most kids can be I suspect).

I have siblings, some of whom have kiddos, so I’m also an aunt.

I have experience dispatching, catering, baking pizza, surveying land, designing theatrical lighting, adapting CAD drawings, typing home purchase contracts, approving lease applications, talking on the phone, and the perpetual trial and error of why-doesn’t-this-gadget-work?! that so many people ask those of us who seem to know a lot (but really, we’re just willing to push that button and see what happens).

I love to cook and bake. I also hate cooking and baking at times.

Basically, I’m a human in her 40s. Read on if you’re interested in learning more. 🙂



2 responses to “About”

  1. john freeter says :

    I wrote an essay here, and promptly deleted it. This is one of the greatest “about” pages I’ve read, and it doesn’t even has a thousand “thank you for following my blog” comments attached!


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