Martini, dry, stirred with olives…

I don’t drink a lot. On the other hand, I drink a lot more than my husband, who every once in a while has a very light beer with dinner while we are out, or with pizza, or while watching a game. He probably consumes around 100 oz of beer every 6 months. I keep a variety of wine on hand at all times (in part because I use it while cooking, and I don’t bother buying fortified cooking wine – I use the drinking sort), in addition to having a couple liqueurs and sometimes a whiskey or two in the house.

I have other friends who either drink a lot more in general, or who are interested in curating their palate when it comes to a variety of mixed drinks. Sometimes, this means I’ll try things; sometimes, it means I enjoy watching them enjoy drinks; sometimes, it means I become incredibly hesitant to ever try a beverage because it sounds horrible.

Recently, I was able to travel outside the country for the first time as an adult. I tried a variety of drinks, because it was part of the package – food and beverages, even alcoholic, were included. I’ve discovered that I’m not fond of mojitos at all. I still don’t like coconut in drinks. I really don’t see the point of “banana coladas.” I still very much like mudslides, which I’d somehow assumed were a mid-90s restaurant beverage. Apparently, even if they are, they’re still popular in resorts with swim-up bars. Of course, they were also serving a thing they called a lemon drop that didn’t look like any lemon drop I’d seen before. It was much larger and blended. So perhaps it was a situational beverage. I also tasted a whiskey sour, and I think I liked it well enough I might actually order one in the future.

Among my friends, there is a fondness for gin. I’ve tried it very sparingly. Neither of my parents drank it, so it wasn’t in the house. What little I’ve had has basically been just under the Tanqueray label and I have to say I’m not impressed. It’s very medicinal tasting, like cough syrup. But, at least two of my friends like gin martinis as opposed to vodka martinis. I’ve never particularly liked vodka, so I haven’t been interested in trying that version. Tonight, based on a video a friend made of himself making a Juniper gin and Martini dry vermouth martini, with lemon twist, I decided to try to make my own, only with olives.

Sadly, I still think Tanqueray gin tastes like cough syrup. I think vermouth helps. Definitely more so than a floral tonic water I previously tried when I attempted a gin and tonic. I also think olives probably work better than a lemon twist would, for me, although I like lemon. I suspect I’d just think it tastes like citrus flavored cough syrup. I’ll probably still try it at some point, but currently, I’m mostly happy that I bought a very small bottle of this label gin. If I buy another bottle, I think I’ll try Bombay Sapphire, which I’ve heard better reviews for.

I did not, somehow, thoroughly understand how strong martinis are, compared to other beverages I’ve had. In the end, I had a small 4 ounce drink. Before I’d quite finished half of it, I could feel the effects of the alcohol. Normally, I don’t feel like quite that much of a light weight, but in this case, I very much was!!  Next time, I think I’ll have the drink with dinner, instead of while fixing dinner.

What are your experiences with martinis, oh readers? Do you prefer gin or vodka? And do you prefer dry or sweet? And finally, if you do like gin (or vodka), what labels do you like? Would you share your recipes with me?


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