In my mind…

There lives a girl, pale skinned with white hair. Once, before he left, she was a silver dragon. Her tears brought rain and her frustration called lightning between clouds and through long rocky valleys. She used to hide in the icy caves there. Now, she lives in the warmer, larger cave near the valley floor and waits. Someday, the jet black dragon might return. 

A black wolf walks quietly, a streak of white over her left ear, her silver-grey eyes allowing humans to mistake her for some kind of large dog. Once, she was Pack. Her alpha was enormous and black and his eyes glowed like fire. She was always the quiet one … Unless someone threatened the pack, and then she was menacing and still. Firm in her defense. 

A blonde man walks, lithe and graceful, green eyes made brighter by brilliant silk shirts and skin tight pants that look like a thousand garden snakes died to craft them. He is a bit of a lie, when he walks thus. He is much more comfortable slithering; half man with arms to grasp and hold, half enormous snake. Even so, he could even become just snake, but it made speech so difficult, and he adored complimenting pretty people. 

The moon lives there as well, in so many forms. A young girl, lovely and naive; a motherly woman; a being of indeterminate gender and age that watches. But more often, she is feminine and amused (or saddened) by all she sees. And she does see all. 

A clowder of cats roams my mind. Brown moggy, black with magpie wings, silver long haired, black as night. Keeping them company, but lurking in corners is the gryphon who wishes to twist magic and the assassin who resembles a raccoon. Further in is something that looks like a unicorn, if you tilt your head and strain to see out the corner of your eye. 

They are so old, these beings in my memory, and not even all those who wander. Newer personalities appear and have conversations before slipping off to other rooms to keep to themselves. 

They seem so real. 

In my mind.  


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Semi-Geek, Bibliophile, Cat Person. I post about life stuff. Music, books, food, wine, CHOCOLATE, and geek stuff.

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