Job Changes

In my previous job, I was an “administrative assistant”. That was a little bit of a lie. I mean, I was. I also did the occasional executive and personal assisting. I also did general front desk receptionist work, which included catching the phones and dealing with mail (incoming and outgoing). I was also a little bit human resources and a lot bookkeeping, because we had downsized so much. I also did the occasional bit of technical support for software. And I was in the process of learning weird network junk because I was the one around to do it.

In my new job, I’m an “accounting clerk/tech”. (Depending on what we’re doing, we either say tech or clerk.) I took a bit of an hourly pay cut to take the job, except that I also am technically salaried now. And I have insurance benefits (medical, pharmaceutical, dental and vision discount). And I have a week paid vacation. And assuming it’s a good month/year, I have a chance of bonus type things (including a trip with the whole company and plus one of choice). So really, it’s going to work out to be slightly more than I was making. I won’t have to be paying for my own medical/pharmaceutical insurance out of pocket. I will be paying a portion of it, but much less out of pocket. So, overall, fiscally, it just made sense.

I report, in the main, to one person now. And then I have 3 other bosses (the owners of the company, only 2 of which are ever actually in office). I’m her assistant. It finally occurred to me today that I’ve been continuing some “personal assistant” habits that I really don’t need to do. She doesn’t need managed in those ways. (There are other ways that I do personal assisting that are useful, but they have more to do with leaving a certain part of my brain on permanent record mode, so that when she asks “what did we do about X?” I can actually answer, even if it’s not something I specifically have assigned to my task list.) In general, we work as a team, splitting the work. She is also HR, but at the moment, we’re keeping me confined to accounting duties – mostly payable and receivable.

It’s requiring the unlearning of some previously useful habits.

In general, I really like the people I’m working with. A lot of them make me feel old. I’m somewhere between 10 and 14 years older than most of the people in our office. My boss is actually 8 days younger. One of the owners is within a year or so of our age. But everyone else is much younger. It’s a young company, only a few years old.

Sometimes, I can’t tell if various personality clashes are because they’re younger, or inexperienced, or if I’m set in my ways and opinions of what particular job duties are covered by specific positions and professional levels. I’m discovering that lately, I have an extremely low threshold for patience with regard to someone being rude. Where normally I might stop and think “perhaps they don’t know any better, they’re so young” now I really tend to be disgusted and frustrated that co-worker represents a company I work for.

So, I find myself actually taking breaks. For one thing, it’s encouraged that we take our lunches away, and that we take breaks (even if they’re just “smoke” breaks for a few minutes out doors). Our office is across the street from a bike path that runs along a river between multiple parks (depending on which turn you take on the path). So, I’ve been taking decompression walks. Hopefully it helps with the frustrations of the new job. If nothing else, it’s better for my health. According to the Health app on my phone, some of the shorter circuits are as much as a half-mile long, so theoretically, with 2 breaks, I’ve walked a mile on top of whatever I walk normally during the day. In general, that can only be good for me.

If I’m distracted or online less, it’s because I’m dealing with a lot of energy expending on these things. Please feel free to reach out to me via whatever medium we usually talk. I am trying to remember to reach out to friends and I’m trying to schedule in events with friends, but I’m sure I’m going to mess up occasionally. As the routine gets more stable and feels consistent, I’m hoping that it will be easier for me to pick back up art/writing projects.


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