Punchy Brain is Scattered Like Leaves Upon the Wind

…My brain is parsing in phrases instead of proper sentences and paragraphs. But I’m in the mood to blog, so blog I shall.

That moment when you realize you are exhausted and didn’t do any “real” work, but got a lot done in the office. We reconciled accounts and went through emails and verified that our desks were lost somewhere between Sumner and Seattle and they’d call us back. And then we went on a Bi-Mart and Costco run for the office kitchen (mostly, we also picked up a grounded extension cable and a 6′ surge protector). Upon return with beverages and snacks and things, and after unload, and after my boss ate her lunch, our desks arrived! The rest of the afternoon (which was kinda sadly short) was spent assembling desks*. And for a brief moment, a remote co-worker and I had another snippet of ongoing Doctor Who discussions in which he asserts he’s the Doctor (rule number one – I lie) and we decided that if he was the Doctor I could be Amy. (This was a digression that made sense, and makes sense, because while I love River I’m definitely NOT his wife, and if I’m Amy I’m his mother-in-law, which I said I was okay with, especially because my sweetie has things in common with Rory. Co-worker decided it was getting complicated, but didn’t seem phased by this.) This conversation occurred while we were trying to determine status of paperwork for someone related to co-worker. It was one of those multi-thread things that happen when you talk to your co-workers mostly through Skype.

*Really, only desk was mostly assembled. We still need to assemble 5 drawers. Then we can start desk number two. But we got further than our other co-worker whose desk was delivered with ours.

Also, I am tired and punchy and have been all week. I suspect annoying dreams tonight are on the docket. I am really, really hoping they won’t be too bad. Had a brief flare up of hives (or heat rash, although from itchiness I’m really thinking hives) again today at work. Not sure WHAT I’m having an allergic reaction to. Debating full dose of diphenhydramine before bed. Loratadine helped last night, but I’m not sure they both have the same anti-histamine effects I’m after. Need to research boxes to decide.

Finally, I did chore type things upon getting home. So I was productive and should feel good. But still feel vaguely restless and unsatisfied in general. I’m hoping that the socializing planned for tomorrow helps with some of that. If it doesn’t, that means I probably need the opposite, and need to hole up with a book. As I have a stack by the bedside that hasn’t been read at all, and shelves I could re-read, that should be easily remedied? I hope.

Anyway. Rambling blog is rambling.


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