Getting to know y/o/u/ me (to steal an apt title)

I haven’t done one of these in WordPress since my initial About page, and since my friend FontFolly did one, and opened it to everyone, I thought I’d participate:

Name: Katrina (also answer to Kat and ‘trina among other nicknames and handles)

Where are you from? Most of the time I say Texas, as I lived there for most of my childhood (from age 5 until age 22). But Oregon is actually getting close to that same time length, as I’ve lived here since 2000 (aside from a year in Georgia), and this feels like home. I’ve also lived in Southern California (as a toddler and an adult; I did not like it as an adult, although what memories I have as a toddler are pretty darn pleasant), Wisconsin, and very briefly, Kentucky. My accent sounds indeterminate with a southern influence, I’m told. That fits in with the Oregon demographic where I live fairly seamlessly.

Favorite colors? Yes, please. I am NOT good at picking favorite colors. Lately, I seem to favor browns and greens and blues with the random coral or dark berry. I love the recent purple swatches I asked my colorist to add to my hair.

Write something in capitals: WTF.

Favorite band / musician: Hm. Again, favorite is a challenge. Good default music for me might be an easier way to phrase that: Frank Sinatra/Dean Martin/Sammy Davis Jr/Bobby Darin. Simon and Garfunkel. Fleetwood Mac. Def Leppard. Stabbing Westward. Pistol Annies. Nickel Creek. Brad Paisley. Poe. P!nk. Just saw a video clip shared by Amanda Palmer of Lauryn Hill singing Nina Simone that was amazing, and makes me want to rediscover her.

Favorite number: I have two favorite numbers. I like the number 13 because it is oddly feared, but I think it looks pretty. Also, I like the fun bits of Halloween, even if I don’t like horror/gore flicks in the least. I like the number 42 because it’s the answer to the ultimate question about Life, The Universe and Everything (although they apparently weren’t sure of the question when Deep Blue gave them the answer). It also is graphically pretty. It also happens to be my current age.

Favorite drink: I like ice cold water with lemon. I like plain iced tea. I also like iced sweet tea, but I’m very picky and if it’s bad it’s horrible. Diet pepsi or diet coke is my default order in a restaurant if I want a soda. Valpolicella, bardolino and merlot wines are all lovely. I also like moscatos and pinot gris, and another white that is currently slipping my memory. I like Glenlivet whisky better than Glenfiddich, although both are good, and before the end of the year I’m going to spoil myself with a bottle older than 12 years.

Tag 8 people you want to know better: Anyone who would like to share, I’d love to read!


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