Angry Coward

Even though I was raised Catholic, and therefore heard the entire bible several times, front to back (that’s what the 3 long bits being read by church members and the priest, in between songs and the homily are, the bible, from the front to back, depending on time of year there are repetitions here and there), I am not good at remembering things.

So I then read various people on the internet (usually Facebook, but not always just there) saying “The Bible says…” x item is horrible, against the Lord’s teaching, and so on, and half the time think: Actually, that’s not what that says in the editions we read from, which one are you quoting again? or even Even if that IS what the bible you read says, what happened to the bits about Loving Your Neighbor and Judging Not? Because I know I can’t get into a debate without getting frustrated and throwing up my metaphorical hands at rhetoric and bile.

This morning, I really wanted to snarl something about false praise but couldn’t remember exactly where that was in the bible, and finally had my “no more” moment. I quietly unfriended several people. I didn’t tell them why, and if they even notice, I’m not sure they’ll bother attempting to friend me back. If they do, I’ll tell them then that I’m sorry, but I am not willing to see them spreading horrible evil bullying thoughts on my wall, and the only way I can control what I see is to not follow them or allow them to follow me. They get to say those things, because of Freedom of Speech. But I don’t have to listen.

So, I’m a coward. I didn’t tell them why. I just walked away. I am not up to having that fight with them right now. Part of me is bracing myself for telling them later, but not so hard because honestly? I don’t think they’ll notice I’m gone. I could be wrong. Two of them were people I was close friends with from age 5 through 17. We’re really not friends now, though. We’re internet acquaintances who keep in touch via Facebook.


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