The Needs of the Many

I’m not sure I can explain how very much it hurt that Leonard Nimoy is gone.

I have been suppressing tears since finding out this morning. They’re brimming now.

My mother adored him. Had a self-described ridiculous crush on him as Spock. How could you not? He was dignity, mischief, cool, intense, fury, reason, innocence, kindness, conscience, logic and Kirk’s anchor. He was a wonderful straight man, but there was so much humor in that very quiet calm head tilt that often was the sole response to Kirk or McCoy. The man could act, he gave so very much.

And he’s always reminded me of my dad.

And now, he’s gone. His final tweet made me worry, when I saw it. It felt final, and I didn’t want it to be. I know he lived a long life. I know he knew he was loved. I know he’s done so much, but selfishly, I’m not ready for another wonderful icon of my youth – my mother’s young adult-hood, to be gone.

I will grieve him very much for a long while, I think. Rest in Peace, Mr. Nimoy.


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