When you come up with an idea, but then forget what it was…

The other day, when driving, I thought “self, this train of thought where you are comparing X with Y would be perfect for a blog” and self agreed, and promptly shelved the remaining thoughts that were becoming an essay (mostly because driving).

So, the problem now is that I have no idea what essay I was thinking.

I’m pretty sure it was social justice-y. And saying that, I wonder if it was the comparison/contrast of my experience with Facebook vs Twitter vs Tumblr.

I think about various things, often driving or in the shower, and when I start thinking in paragraphs and how to revise sentences so that they are more concise and still expressive, that’s often how I come up with draft idea for essays (or sometimes stories/etc). The problem is, if I’m not near a computer or able to get near a computer before my brain is off on a different topic (say grocery shopping and making sure I didn’t forget anything on the list on my phone because what are we having for dinner this week again?) I often forget what I was going to write about.

How about you? How do you decide what to write about?


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3 responses to “When you come up with an idea, but then forget what it was…”

  1. writingbolt says :

    You’re traveling through a tunnel between space and time. You’ve entered…the blog brain zone, where everything comes out blog and then vanishes in BLAH.

    Here’s what someone did for me, they bought me a digital voice recorder. It helps. But, even that I have to remember to keep near. And, I can’t take that in the shower. πŸ™‚

    I let the cosmos bring it together, I guess. The right time to write, the right time to compose thoughts and pictures (if I can manage them). It just is right or it’s lost to “Eh.”


    • amusedreams says :

      Actually, that’s a good idea. My phone has a voice memo function. I almost always have it with me (although taking it in the shower might be a bad idea, true). Perhaps I should try using it! Thanks for the comment. πŸ™‚


      • writingbolt says :

        Maybe there’s a waterproof option for the shower…or you could place some sort of recorder on the sink outside to record while you shower…but there may be concern for dampness and heat, etc. I used to take a tape recorder with me when I took baths as a kid and play back shows I recorded off TV before there was a VCR.



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