What is Love?

I mean, there is so much attributed to the emotion. Songs. Poetry. Bad songs and poetry. Movies. Books. Quotes from little kids that are insightful and kind of ridiculous all at once.

So what is it?

Obviously it’s various things to different people. To me it’s things that might mean nothing to someone else, but between the other being and I do mean something.

Love is recognizing that this article I’m reading might be of interest to my baby sister who is a grown up and teaches math to 10 and 11 year olds.

Love is coming downstairs and gathering things to leave the house for work to realize that my sweetheart took out the garbage because he noticed it was full.

Love is getting a box of chocolates and paper origami from a friend a country away, because she wanted to make me smile.

Love is a text from a friend a state away linking me to a cool art blog because she knew I would think it was cool and she wanted to share.

Love is knowing another friend looks forward to a yearly event as much as I do, because we like going together. It is also sending her small baubles from the event if she can’t make it.

Love is wanting to try lavender soda because a friend I care about loves it, even though I’m not sure I’m brave enough.

Love is a newish boyfriend eating a new (to him) veggie and learning to love it, even though he really doesn’t like veggies.

Love is trying soccer (even though it is scary and triggers all kinds of baggage from being a kid) because I want to spend time with my honey who loves it.

Love is being okay with hearing “I don’t want to do that thing. Please go ahead and do it with another friend.” and going ahead and doing it, and both people being the better for that.

Love is driving 90 miles to mostly hang out, run errands, and do nothing. Because.

Love is stopping to enjoy a cuddle when the cat flips over and outstretches a paw and shows you the underside of his chin and his belly.

Love is keeping the kitchen clean.

Love is when the first person in the shower shifts the towels so the other person’s towel is closest when they get in the shower.

Love is flowers for no reason other than you thought they needed flowers.

Love is pumpkin pie.

Basically, love is paying attention and trying very hard to help with little things to make life better. Love is active listening. Love is communicating your needs and clarifying others’ needs.


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