Poor Sleep Cycle

For a while now, I’ve had a bit of a rotten sleep cycle. Last night was another example.

I tried started to get ready for bed/away from the TV and screens earlier. It was about 10:15pm. By the time Terry was dozing off and only somewhat coherently responding to quiet conversation, it was 11:20pm. I know, because I asked him to look at the clock I can’t read with my glasses off. I don’t know when I fell asleep, because I tried even more than usual not to pick up the phone and look/play at tiles or puzzles til I dozed off. I do know I woke up at 3:40am, overheated and convinced I heard something crash.

This of course woke up the cats, because I got up to use the bathroom and sip some cold water. They were pretty good though, and other than allowing some head scritching did not try to keep me awake. Until about 5:05am. So I got up, fed them breakfast, gave Phoenix his pill and cuddle, gave them treats, gave Shadow a little extra attention because she seemed uncomfortable for some reason. And then tried to go back to bed at 5:24am.

Terry’s alarm went off at 6:30am. I’d been dreaming about my crazy aunt who was being more crazy than usual. I’ve forgotten about what, but I was annoyed with her and just as happy to be woken up.  After nudging him to get up and shutting off his alarm, I tried to find a cool spot in the bed and doze til my alarm. It didn’t exactly work. I was obviously out a bit, because I was dreaming about one of my sisters, but it was very easy to wake me up. And in fact, when Terry came in after his shower about 20 minutes later I spoke to him. He let me know he was leaving with a kiss and “I love you” at about 7:20am, 10 minutes before my alarm.

This morning I gave up. I just got up then and got things done. But I can already tell that around 2pm I’m going to have burning eyes and an achey neck and shoulders.

I can’t figure out what is disrupting my sleep. We have a new bed, but it’s a month old now, and it’s comfortable. I’ve been too warm, but we have the temperature in the house where I usually like it. And if I kick off the sheets, I do get too cold. I’ve been cutting back caffeine and sugar earlier, so I don’t think it’s that (although it probably wouldn’t hurt me to cut sodas back again). My brain just isn’t shutting off. I’m probably going to have to experiment with an over-the-counter sleep aid again. Melatonin doesn’t typically help (it just makes the dreams even more manic and nightmarish), and honestly the sleep aids often do as well.

I wish sometimes I had the ability I had as a kid to just crash and be out until 6 or 8 hours later and then actually feel rested. But I haven’t had that since… probably before puberty, with random hints at it here and there, usually after I’d exhausted myself by staying away for too many days in a row or being ill. Neither of those options (obviously) is a healthy solution.


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