Loaded Opinions

I’ve always felt education was important as a choice and true option (in other words, if you really want to go to school past the legal age of being able to quit, there should be ways to manage that besides going into extreme debt, and we as a country should care about that). But it should be a choice. If you don’t want to go, or can’t for a time because of another life event, you should not be shamed by the academic elite. And those who choose hard work should not shame those who are turned on by research. And hey, those who like BOTH? Take all the advantage you can!

I’ve always felt that adults who love each other ought to be able to publicly acknowledge and marry each other. Period. If you are an adult in our current society and you love another adult who loves you back and wants to declare it, you ought to be able to get married.

I’ve always felt that women can be in jobs that men are in. (My opinion on “be as good as” varies depending on the definitions, which just means that I need feminism, even though I innately recognized at a young age that calling a woman a feminist is a slur in the part of the country I grew up in.)

I don’t want to get rid of guns completely (although I suspect my version of gun control is a lot closer to motor vehicle driver’s licensing than most people would like). I wouldn’t mind smacking some supposed gun advocates in the head with a clue stick, as they seemed to have missed out on their portion of common sense when it was being handed out. Either that, or it has already been beaten down with copious amounts of funding and bribery. (oh, sorry… that was my cynical out loud voice)

I believe in informed taxation (if you want the fire department down the road to be staffed, and you vote for a small increase in property tax to cover that, and you rent, you expect your landlord to raise your rent – that’s probably more informed voting than taxation though).

Sometimes I believe in the death penalty (although I hate where we are at as a country with it, and I hate the ironic nature of it as a punishment). It’s getting harder and harder to believe in the death penalty. But, it’s just equally hard to believe in prison in certain cases where I’m not sure I believe that a person can “get better”.

I believe in freedom of religion but also FROM religion. Specifically, I really don’t believe proselytizing should be allowed to the degree it is. It’s a weird thing to get prudish about. Christians feel they are being Othered right now. In some cases, yes, maybe so. (Christmas trees have very little to do with Christianity in reality. Christianity co-opted them along with any number of holidays. It’d be cool if Christmas trees were allowed to stay in government offices. It’d be awesome of they were decorated with important items from EACH PERSON in the office. Don’t stop the atheist from putting up an ornament about their favorite scientist. Or any other religion from putting up something important to their faith. They’d look so awesome and inclusive then. Make it a Secret Ornament Tree. The holiday party would be so much more interesting – what does this ornament represent? Ideas? Okay, can the person who put it there tell us what we got right and what we didn’t?)  In some cases, they are just finally experiencing push-back from people they have Othered for centuries who are saying to STOP. STOP making us feel horrible because we believe a different thing. Stop making us uncomfortable and getting in our personal space by praying over us to feel the light of God in our lives and to be guided in our daily lives.

That last one is bothering me a lot right now, because I have watched both sides of it. I’ve watched self-proclaimed Christians become angry and bitter and frustrated because their privilege is being revoked or even just called out. I’ve also watched people who once might not have minded being called Christians crumple and become extremely depressed and unhappy by things happening around them and two them all under the umbrella of “prayer” and “God’s work”. It’s bothered me enough that I dusted off an old draft called “politics” that had those previous opinions in shorter form, that was culled from a post that they had little to do with, and expanded on them.

The gun one has been bothering me a lot lately too. But I’m so saddened and frustrated I just… can’t get into it right now. It will have to be dealt with later.



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