I have a few friends who post Thankful posts. One does it whenever she needs a pick-me-up, I think. Another sometimes tries to stick to a Thankful Thursday schedule, but I think really she does it to remind herself of good things in this world, too.

I have a complicated relationship with things I’m thankful for. Some of them make me sad, you see, so … they don’t really so much pick-me-up. On the other hand, they’re still good things, and I’m thankful for them. They’re just often more part-and-parcel of who I am, as opposed to immediate.

So, below, a few…

I’m thankful for my dad. He was an awesome dad. He had four girls and to my knowledge, none of us ever felt like he wanted a boy. He’d play whatever we wanted – tinker toys, imagination, pillow fort, draw stuff, chase, badminton, taught us to ride bikes, checkers, dominoes, connect 4, it didn’t matter. He taught us basic confidence around replacing a toilet tank flapper or checking the oil. He taught me to love the smell of sawdust. He taught me to appreciate the result of hard work – be it washing the car, rinsing out gutters of leaves and debris, or just cleaning our rooms. He taught me to enjoy being silly – ice cream on waffles for breakfast? Sure thing. Tell horrible jokes and make bad puns? Definitely. Sing ridiculous songs at the top of your lungs? Yup! He had a temper, but it blew out fast and never manifested physically. He did use curse words, but he tried to temper them when we were little.  …I just wish he was still around today, instead of him dying at age 62.

I’m thankful for my mom. She was very smart, although sometimes she was lacking in basic world experience. She was very sheltered in some ways, and not in others. The moon landing was on her birthday, and was a big deal to her. She enjoyed history, theology, and truly rotten regency romances. Likewise very convoluted soap operas. And Star Trek. Bones and Spock were her favorites, of course. Being equally stubborn meant that for almost 8 years, we didn’t really see eye to eye particularly, but I never doubted she loved me (even if I was sure I disappointed her regularly). …I just wish she too was still around today, instead of her dying at age 64.

I’m thankful for my work experiences. They’ve made me who I am and able to do odd ball customer service almost automatically without trying. Until my most recent job, I didn’t quite realize how bizarre a skill that is. Being able to smile while talking on the phone to someone you loathe so that they don’t quite realize what a frustration you find them to be is useful, albeit awfully exhausting. Being able to do the same in person is doubly so. For both.

I’m thankful that I was allowed to mess about with computer as a small child. I went to school in a small town in northeast Texas, but I still can recall poking about on computers as young as 5th or 6th grade. It means that, in general, I don’t have as much fear of them as other people my age or older sometimes do. I can almost always undo what I did, or simply reboot and restore from a previous backup. A lot of my “technical support” as an office monkey has nothing to do with truly understanding technology, and everything to do with recognizing patterns in program construction and being willing to poke through menus and hot keys til I find the thing I want. I’m not as advanced in some things as I’d like, but I’m not afraid of most things either.

I’m thankful for cats. Because they help. They are soothing. They are loving. They are soft and they purr and make their loved ones giggle and cry from their antics. …on the other hand, their lives are too short and I miss some so very much.

I’m thankful for my Terry, because he is patient and kind. He is supportive and honest.

I’m thankful for my sisters. And technology that allows me to communicate with them, even though some of them are very far away.

I’m thankful for technology for allowing me to stay in touch with friends, hardly any of whom actually live near me. There are a few, and I’m thankful for them, too, but some of the ones who know me the best live very far away, and but for Twitter, tumblr, text messaging and email, our contact would be so much more limited.


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2 responses to “Thankful”

  1. courtknee90 says :

    I’ve always found it interesting that we can be thankful for sad things. I think that’s just because we are able to recall the good even though the end was sad. Life is incredibly odd. Anyway, I really loved this. The way you talk about your mom and dad made me smile. It sounds like they were beautiful people. Thank you for sharing!


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