Wedded Bliss

A week ago, I married my sweetheart. We’ve lived together for a bit more than 7 years, so in some ways, things don’t feel very different. I mean, my driver’s license still has my old last name and we haven’t gone on a honeymoon. Those are standard just after you get married things right?

In other ways, things are awesome and a little new. I grin at silly things, like when I get a text from my hubby (I can call him my hubby!!) saying, “Good morning Mrs <our last name>, I love you!” I can call him my husband (did I mention that was way more fun than I expected?)! Or I look over and I see a ring on his left hand – my sweetheart who does not wear jewelry (just watches). Or when I look down and see entirely too much sparkle on my own left hand.

Hands with wedding rings

Hands with wedding rings

We’ve each been married before. We wanted something pretty small, really simple, and with friends nearby. We got that. There were a few things that could have gone better (it was so very hot! and our after-wedding venue was not as exclusive as either of us would have liked, having non-wedding people in attendance), but all in all, we were really happy with how the evening went.

He said from the beginning that he wanted to say vows at sunset. I wanted the vows near the river, because the first weekend we kind of had a date (dates?) we had a long walk through one of the many parks near one of the two main rivers in town. We got that. Not the same park, but a park we have walked and biked through and next to a river that we have played in. We got to have friends who we care about witness us say I do. We got to have some family nearby, and know that other family was thinking of us. It was awesome.

Another thing I thought was sort of awesome was how similar our vows were. We didn’t coordinate them. We worked on them on our own, then shoved scraps of paper in our pockets to read from when the time came. He went first:

9 years ago I took a chance and it paid off. I couldn’t imagine life without you now. Your support and love have carried me through some very tough situations over the years. By taking this next step I hope things continue and grow from here for many years. I love you very much.

And then it was my turn:

From the first few dates, you felt safe. That sounds boring, but it was what I needed. You felt like home in human form. Things were maybe a bit awkward at first, with me living across the country on the other coast for a year, but I have never regretted moving back to give us a real chance. I still feel safe with you. I also feel silly, sexy, respected, important and most of all, loved. I am so proud you asked me to be your wife. I hope we have many, many more years together. I love you very much.

I’m wordier than he is, obviously. But it was awesome. I’m so glad things that worked, worked. I’m so glad our friends and family came. I’m so glad my sister was able to marry us. And most of all, even though I never thought I’d marry again, I’m so glad I married him.


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  1. mousewords says :

    Oh my gosh, congratulations!! I’m so happy for you!! May you both be blessed with endless joys in your future together ❤

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