Grey furry beast update – AKA Phoenix News!

As of tomorrow, Phoenix will have been on a 5mg dose of prednisolone for 30 days. So, we scheduled in an appointment for him to be weighed officially, generally checked over, and get his prescription renewed.

He’s been doing pretty well lately. I feel like he’s hit a plateau in his weight, which is frustrating. He should be more than 10 and a half pounds, and he’s just not, but in general he plays and has a cheerful, laid back attitude on life (unless instigated by Shadow into a tag or boxing match). He’s had a few somewhat lethargic spells over the last month, but in general I knew he’d gained a bit of weight, his coat was looking good and his paw pads seemed much less swollen.

The results are as follows: he weighed in at 9.6 pounds (and that was after 8 and a half hours of fasting), his temperature was not remarkable, his teeth and eyes looked good, his heart and lungs sounded good, his paw pads are a teeny bit puffy but better. The vet still couldn’t find his spleen by palpitating, and his lymph nodes are still drastically reduced (almost not locatable, definitely not biopsy-able sized).

So, we’re leaving things as is. He’s going to continue the current dose of prednisolone for another 50 days. We’re going to hope he continues to gain weight back up to at least his highest point (which was 10.4), and make sure he’s still enjoying life and being well-spoiled.

Like I told the doctor, the part of me that has had experience with human cancer especially wants to get the nasty badness out of him. The part of me that is terrified at putting cats under any sort of general anesthesia is willing to wait if this treatment continues to work. The doctor is excited that such a relatively mild treatment is working. Steroids are hard on any body, although cats can handle oral type, and prednisolone especially, relatively well. They do compromise the immune system though, and so some plans to train the cats to harness and leash, and take them on park outings this summer have been shelved. Insect bites and other outdoor flora and fauna could be especially hard for him to fight the effects of.

Overall, I’m very happy. Phoenix was very happy not to be poked or prodded any more, or shaved again, or had blood drawn. And he was especially happy to have access to food again! More than anything, having his appetite back is probably going to help him.


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One response to “Grey furry beast update – AKA Phoenix News!”

  1. courtknee90 says :

    I hope things continue to go well. It’s so hard to see our fur families not feel well, but he has a lot of love and that is also going to help 🙂 I’m sending feel good positive thoughts his way!

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