Bleary-eyed thought – also brief appearance of Phoenix

Sometimes being a human means that I do things that cats would not be patient enough to do.

Phoenix wanted fed at 3:45am this morning. And played with, etc. Shadow was hungry enough to approve the feeding part, but she kept looking at me like I was broken for not hissing and swatting the hell out of him. (And in fact, later, she informed him quite vocally and physically to knock it the fuck off.)

Whereas I was not even coherent enough to form the thoughts at the time, but belatedly, I know it boiled down to: technically, he’s sick, even if he isn’t acting it and is doing quite well currently. So he gets away with more than he should.

Not sure how I want to deal with that, now that my brain has caught up with my behavior. Mostly caught up. Still very burnt around the edges, consciousness wise.


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