What we bring to our entertainment…

It’s interesting to me the small assumptions we bring to literature/film/television/music/entertainment media.

If someone has always been told “Shut up.” is a rude, dismissive thing to say/be said, they can never hear a nuance of love in it. Seemingly ever.

If someone as a young child, heard someone in a film, like Cary Grant say, “oh, shut up…” in a very gentle, loving, reassuring way, and has a visual memory of the flustered person being tugged into a hug and comforted as they are actually allowed to keep fussing on and perhaps even weeping in relief, well, they can.

Sometimes the latter person does allow larger margins for “shut up” than perhaps they ought. It’s not perfect either way.

People who have always experienced rape culture or been more aware of it for example see “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” as a horrific song. (And honestly, with that reading, it is… I mean “what’d you put in this drink?”)

People who used to watch the old Doris Day films? They have memories of her being an adorable klutz. They know the back story of how she was kind of crushing on a guy (we’ll pick on Rock Hudson but Tony Randall actually could work too), but finds him to be a bit of a jerk. The guy is often a bit of a play boy, but maybe realizes he’s a jerk. She’s somehow, via shenanigans, trapped at a place that is basically his. Perhaps his office. He fixes her a hot drink, splashes a bit of brandy in it because that’s what you do to help chilled people warm up (literally, not inhibitions wise) and… the scene is set.

Again, viewed in modern context, still a little shady. At the time? Honestly the films were intended to have various levels of understanding. A certain naiveté with a certain naughtiness. Kind of like the classic Bugs Bunny, Tom & Jerry, and Pink Panther. But those people familiar with those films might forgive more. Should they?

The assumptions we bring mean we both grasp various levels and ignore various levels, especially on a light viewing/reading/listening. Sometimes I’ll dislike a thing fairly vehemently, and won’t watch it again. Sometimes I’ll love a thing, hear a critical review and re-experience it, trying to see the reviewer’s point. Sometimes I can see how they got there, but still disagree.

Not sure there’s a point, other than I saw another thing on another site again today attacking a character and… and I guess it just frustrated me and made me tired, so I wanted to natter at both sides. Haven’t answered anything for myself, but at least I wrote a bit, eh?


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