Body Modification Attraction



That’s me, up above. I like tattoos. I really love that one. It’s my first, and sometimes, it feels like I’ve put a fixed point in my lower back to help me focus and feel anchored. Stable. Safe.

Sometimes, I see tattoos on other people and they feel right to me like that. I wonder if their owner feels the same way about them. If the tattoo is an intrinsic part of them, or if they just kind of had the idea and had it done.

I get momentary crushes on people for their tattoos. Often girls for their tattoos, I’ve noticed. Some men, too, but more often girls. I want to know the whole story because of a simple structure of lines on their skin.

It’s not just tattoos, of course. Sometimes it’s a haircut. Or a smile. Or a piercing. A piece of unique jewelry. Their eyes. Eyes are a big deal. So can be hands.

It’s just that quick flash of “Wow, they’re amazingly attractive and… and they smiled at me and talked to me.” And I feel like I’m 10 or 12 and have that first crush that I’m not sure what to do with.

It’s also how I feel about artists sometimes. And it compounds when I learn something about them that makes me respect them.

Why as humans, are we engineered to feel this set of emotions? What is the point of the immediate interest piqued by some physical attribute? Is it a biological holdover from finding good genetic matches to continue the species? Is it simply aesthetic?

At the same time, my opinion can shift the opposite direction if I learn something I feel is negative about a person. That once interesting tattoo can just become a bit of flash, that attractive piercing just a piercing, and perhaps their eyes seem less luminous and aware.

It’s just a little odd, how attraction works and changes. Most of the time, I don’t overthink it, but every once in a while, my head gets stuck in a loop. Sometimes, I should probably think less and just enjoy the creative ways beautiful people express themselves.


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