What Do I Have to Do

Wolves, Stabbing Westward, NIN, vampires, beautiful women and men tied up in rope, Anthony Bourdain, creamy risotto with mushrooms in, Cold Stone Creamery, amaretto. These things all remind me of another very good friend. So does the song “Long Day in the Universe” by The Darling Buds. It’s our song, in a way. I can text him part of the chorus and get the next line back.

It’s complicated and yet not. We met online inside a MU*. I don’t remember if it was a tinyMUSH or some other flavor of multi-user shared hallucination, I just remember there were all these “guilds” you could join to play together and explore. Twin Peaks (which I’ve never watched more than a few minutes of) also reminds me of him, because his user name was from that show. He was roleplaying a vampire, or rather, playing in a vampire guild, and “adopted” me as his daughter. I was roleplaying in a lot of guilds, just kind of hanging out. (One was a Hitchhiker’s guild. I had a towel and a babblefish, among other items, in my inventory.) Mostly, we’d chat in game… somewhat in character, but those things often got muddled and we’d end up just chatting. I’ve fallen asleep talking to him on the phone. He was sad when I got engaged, the first time, I think. In retrospect, I wonder sometimes if he didn’t know that the relationship probably wouldn’t last.

Oddly, we’d known each other for years (maybe more than a decade) before we actually met in person. He’s almost the ONLY person I’ve met in real life who actually seems completely like who he is online. Perhaps a little quieter, but that’s about it. There’s too much in the way we interact to sum up in a short little blog. I wish he didn’t live so far away, or that either of us could afford to travel more.

I’m thinking of him because Pandora played Stabbing Westward. Not the first song of theirs we talked about together, or that we watched (on the phone across the country from each other) together on tv, but still.

Much as I’m not privy to his daily life in the way I used to be, I still consider him one of my closest and dearest friends.


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