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I mention over on my About Page (ummmm… click the About link in the bar above, depending on how you are browsing this, or go to: this link), I have blogs in a variety of places on the internet.

A couple of them are adult material. Those aren’t widely publicized. On the one hand, I’m not ashamed of them and I’d kind of like helpful critique on the writing. On the other hand, I don’t particularly want co-workers/employers reading them. (Who might see this blog, actually, but it’s wordy, so they might not actually read it.)

If I ever get what I consider to be good at writing, and decide to write a short story/novel, I’m pretty sure that sex scenes will come up. (I like to read alt history/paranormal fiction (sometimes with or without the romance label attached). I like character development and relationships. If I like reading it, I figure that’s what I’d write.) I’d like practice AND criticism regarding that. So as a sort of compromise, there are a handful of people I trust who know where those blogs reside. But I don’t ask for criticism often. So I’m considering either hooking them up to a twitter, or focusing them down to one blog and hooking THAT up to a twitter to get feedback from the anonymous ether.

But… then it’s anonymous. And anonymous tends to be … well, lacking in conscience. It cat calls, hits on, threatens, harasses, and is otherwise a jerk because it CAN be.

And so I’m stuck in an endless loop of not trying and being chicken about something that, while I’m not rabid about, I’d really like to do. And I think I’m decent at. I think if I practiced more, I’d actually be good at it, in fact. (Unlike dancing like Mitzi Gaynor, which I will never achieve, although watching a film last night, I remembered how as a kid I desperately wanted to move as gracefully as she and Ginger Rogers and so many other ladies who danced with Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire could move.)


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